Whirling dervish – melt in the light


Artist: Badie Jahjah
Dawaranafala thiking project

Printing size: 65 cm X 40 cm
Printing material: Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond.

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It is the journey of a human, and as the dervish realizes with his deep awareness that the essence of the journey is a lasting effect that extends like waves of the sea and the breeze

Printing material: Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond (3 mm). We make your matte, reflection-free print using a state-of-the-art, 7-color printing method. White and brighter parts of the image have a subtle sheen. With the aluminum Dibond backing, this print combines high picture quality and perfect durability.

Hanging system: Aluminum rail. 

If you are interessted in other sizes, don’t hesitate to contact us info@alefnooon.de and we will find the best solution.


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