In front of me is a picture of Axam Tlaa. An image full of curved lines and an abundance of colors. Black lines dominate the center of the picture. In front of a subtle background, further areas of color can be seen in perfect places. The square format is in harmony with the motif. So wonderful that it quickly becomes clear that the art of writing is Arabic – calligraphy. This follows exact lines and curves and only wants one thing: harmony and balance. But also rhythm and movement through sweeping lines.


It is noticeable that this art combines a lot of manual skill and knowledge. A craft that is still cultivated in Syria today at calligraphy schools and by master calligraphers such as Ahmad Albari and Hilmi Habbab. Signs become pictures. They have a firm place in contemporary Syrian art today.


Seemingly easy and natural, text and image merge. This symbiosis leads to a very important understanding in the Syrian cultural and art area: Sufism. He stands for a liberal, philanthropic way of thinking and behavior and is open to spiritual experiences. If you want to find out more, you can get to know other great artists and works of art from Syria in our shop.

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