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A BLOG article by Monie Eggert

Where is the journey going, how will we buy art that suits us in the future and where can we find an offer that interests us. These are all questions that need to be answered. Alefnooon will soon be able to answer these questions. With the construction of a Virtual Reality Art Gallery, customers will also be able to visit the exhibitions in Damascus or Aleppo in the future. It started with an idea and is it really becoming a project?

“We will soon be able to offer a first exciting tour to a wide audience,” said Mido, Karo, and Elie, the advocates for the interesting project. This immediately invites you to stop by, even if everything is still under construction. To get an insight into the creation of a new world. Create an invitation to a room for encounters. Created for a trip to a beautiful and full of surprises. In a room filled with spiritual energy and an impression of a country, with people who are eager to present their art to a wide audience and to open their doors and souls for it. I already feel at home with this hospitality and am preparing to enjoy the art with a hot glass of mate tea. The question arises, what is a virtual space, what can I expect? It’s an immaterial place. We are shifting our living space more and more into the media. We meet people in Zoom or talk to friends in video chat as a matter of course. At any time, no matter when and where the other person is … in almost any place in the world. A gallery in a virtual space filled with spiritual art is another step into the future. A future without borders. The rooms can take on any shape and size. The environment can be individually adapted. The atmosphere becomes part of the design. All you need is access to the global network.

Gründer Alefnooon Badie Jahjah
Badie Jahjah

Alefnooon founder Badie Jahjah, a visual artist and graphic designer, has had the vision from the beginning that the spiritual power of art attracts and unites people. He founded the platform for exactly this purpose. Established artists belong to the chosen group. Their studios tell of a moving and colorful life. They draw their strength from the beautiful surroundings around their place of work … They all have one thing in common: they found a love for art early on and have come a long way and are now perceived as successful artists.

The virtual space makes everything even more tangible and tangible.

Take your time and your tea and enjoy the exhibition with friends.

See you in the gallery

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