Olive tree


Celebrating the green
Artist: Badie Jahjah

Printing size: 70 cm X 70 cm
Printing material: HD Metal Print.

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A good word is like a strong tree that is firmly rooted, whose branches reach to the sky and which, with the permission of its Lord, bears fruit at all times. The word tree in its deeper meaning leads us to all the greenery that produces life, and through this colour one feels the power of the greenery. The beauty of the tree is accentuated by the dispersal of the oil and the holly fruit.

Printing material: HD Metal Print. The premium print meets the highest requirements and is perfect for colorful images. HD Metal Prints are extremely robust, but low in weight, even in large formats. Pictures printed on aluminium are robust and water-resistant – even suited for sheltered outdoor areas.

Hanging system: Aluminum rail

If you are interessted in smaller sizes for your environment, don’t hesitate to contact us info@alefnooon.de and we will find the best deal.


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