Dervish of letters


Artist: Badie Jahjah
Dawaranafala thiking project

Printing size: 60 cm x 78,5 cm
Printing material: Direct Print On Brushed Aluminum on alu-Dibond.

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The dervish bathing in the light of letters that, through their chemistry and aesthetics, form a unique love, to understand the energy of the Creator and to live up to human freedom. Movement, light, the act of giving and receiving – the painting of the dervish depicts letters of love and truth in one color, which, as a sign of color sparing, reach their perfection. This painting here is inspired by the Sufis who practice meditation as a whole, far from the chaos of life.

Printing material: Direct Print On Brushed Aluminum on alu-Dibond (Silver). The horizontally brushed surface adds a striking special effect to the timeless design of images on aluminum Dibond: a metallic shimmer of bright and white image areas. The high-quality photo print on aluminum Dibond Butlerfinish is waterproof and suitable even for sheltered outdoor areas. 

Hanging system: Aluminium rails. 

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