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“Art is a great method that has open horizons. Each artist is unique, influenced by an individual philosophy as well as taste to art and knows no boundaries”

Badie Jahjah – passionate artist and founder of AlefNooon Syria was enthusiastic about the country and its people after a visit to Germany. With the motivation to bring his enthusiasm for art and spirituality with the beauty of spinning dervishes and symbols rich with meaning and profundity to Germany and the world, the idea of founding AlefNooon Germany and building a bridge for spiritual arts between Syria and Germany was born.
AlefNooon Germany………
A place to feel good and travel to another world of connection of cultures, spirituality and traditions, which connects a high level of craftsmanship. And felt everywhere dances the dervish, which connects everything dancing. A very tangible, diverse art in 2D and 3D in the form of paintings, sculptures, jewelry and jewelry wood boxes!
The AlefNooon Germany promotion team Mido, Karo and Elie are happy to present the art platform. This has been created with a lot of love and creativity. Our vision is to inspire more people for the oriental and at the same time modern art from Syria. AlefNooon Germany would like to give many artists the opportunity to present their artworks in Germany and Europe, so that they can inspire other people with their thoughts and creativity even beyond the geographical borders.
The products were handmade by the artists and look forward to beautify the four walls of art lovers. Especially the paintings, which are produced as art prints on various high-quality materials such as aluminum dibond, acrylic glass and wood, are close to the heart of the founding team. Each painting has its own story. They were made in our homeland. We have digitized our most beautiful paintings with the latest technology and can now be printed on high quality materials at our printers.
As a result, the painting shines in a new, unique splendor.

The background stories behind the German team will follow in the next blog

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