Spiritual Syrian Art

Syria is a land full of love, art and creativity. In Syria there is so much beauty even in times of war, that bloodied hearts and corrupted souls, believing that ugliness and war will not last forever in a land, whose civilization is 12,000 years old, and mercy will finally prevail. Syria, this sacred land rooted in history, will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, embrace the light and restore it as free spaces for living, diversity, difference and spiritual advancement

AlefNooon Germany as a platform for Syrian paintings and artworks

In the dark time of war, the artists’ difficulties increased to meet their peers in Europe and to present their works, that show the beautiful face of the orient in international exhibitions. AlefNooon Germany will be a bridge between alienation and homeland, between orient and oxident, between the artist and his lovers. AlefNoon will be a platform to present Syrian spiritual arts in particular and works show the aesthetic of Arabic calligraphy and the charming calligraphy formations of letters full of beauty and history. AlefNooon Germany aims to present spiritual beauty in Syria and the orient

Limited editions of printed artworks

AlefNooon Germany will present the paintings in a modern and contemporary way by printing original paintings on high-quality materials such as aluminum, acryl plastic, wood….in limited number of copies to allow a wider group of art lovers to possess expensive artwork at reasonable prices to be available to a wider group of art lovers

Gifts, statues and jewelry

This project is not based on a single idea, but rather aims to be part of the aesthetics of our daily life, to be charged with renewed spiritual energy. In addition to the paintings, there are figures inspired by the rotation of the dervishes and made with high manual skills. This project is open to multiple possibilities and is an attempt to break the walls of closed halls and roam in the open air, so that the artist Cupid launches his arrow to win the hearts of those who love art, human and life

Mystical and spiritual symbols

One of the most important motives for the birth of AlefNooon Germany are the symbols inspired by the dervish journey full of love, giving, tolerance and connection to the higher energy through a deep extrapolation of mystical philosophy in all religions in order to advance human culture and the transcendence of the soul. Symbols that were born in wartime came as a human message that heralded a new rise in the direction of universal thinking, following a sentence that says, “a Man is a small asteroid .. and a wise man is the universe”. A deep meaning dialectic is like a project of open-door thinking initiated by the Syrian war to dissolve into the consciousness of the world

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